Martin Bargiel (Director)

Martin Bargiel was born in 1980 in Poland, but grew up In Germany. After spending one year in the USA and graduating high school, he came back to his hometown Hannover to graduate grammar school. For three years he became a photo assistant on location shoots all around the world and also worked as an intern on different TV-news productions. He started studying screenwriting and film directing at the Hannover University of Applied Science & Arts. But even before he graduated film school with a diploma with a screenwriter and film director degree, he established his own company “into focus” which is specialized in film and photo productions. Martin has been working as a freelance film director for over five years, and his examination of child poverty “Finn & Tom” won 1st prize in the cinematic commercial competition, “Zukunftsgestalten Initiative – against child poverty”. His latest award winning short film “AUGENBLICKE” (Blink of an eye) has been screened at 25 film festivals all around the world and continues to accrue nominations and awards for merits such as inventive storytelling: so far it was nominated 8 times in the main categories and won 14 prizes. Currently Martin is developing his first feature film screenplay which he will also direct.

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Martin Bargiel
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Martin Bargiel
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Andreas Cyrenius
Martin Bargiel
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Martin Bargiel

Martin Bargiel

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